Too warm to blog, but I just have to say YES!

Glad to hear that the Supreme Court made this call even if they are farther to the right than I like... Listen to what Nina Totenberg said when the case was heard last April, here.

The court found in the girl's favor!!!!

Of course a 13 year old girl's rights were violated when she was strip searched based on a rumor!!!! Duh! Read the actual court decision here.

I remember hearing about this case last year. A 13 year old was strip searched by her middle school administrators when another student falsely claimed she had prescription drugs in her possession. She is now in college. I heard her speak on the news about how haunting the experience was for her and her mother and I haven't forgotten her.

When it comes to this kind of stupid stuff in the world, no one is immune. It's there before the grace of God go I... I can't imagine the fight if it happened to my daughter. Hopefully this case means it won't!


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