Swim team decision

It's summer. You wouldn't know it looking out the window, but considering there is about a week left of school, I'd say it's here.

As I mentioned before, we joined a pool club. It has a swim team that apparently is "just right" (not too competitive, not too lax). Although he loves to be in the water, N isn't the strongest swimmer - I'm really tempted to get him lessons, which he really doesn't want, so the swim team would be a great venue to strengthen his skills. Moreover, most of his buddies at the pool take part in the team, and he might be left out if he doesn't join.

There are two problems: he doesn't want to do it and he'll be away for about half of the competitions, and probably for the end-of-season party (i.e. the Carrot).

All spring I have been planning to "force" him to join the team. It would be good for him both physically and socially.

Today I decided that since it's his summer vacation, he should have a say in how he spends it.

Am I being too weak? Is he getting off easier since he is the youngest? I wish I knew what was the best course of action. It comes back to the eternal question of Bridgewater competitive mothering mentality vs. letting a kid be a kid.

I was on a summer swim team as a kid. I think my Mom just wanted us out of the house for a few hours every day. Today I look back on a mixture of happy memories and arguments with my Mom of "I don't want to go!" The pool was cold on early northeastern mornings and some of the kids were mean. On the other hand, the swimsuits were cool, and I learned all the strokes.

I'm guessing that it would be like that for N. Some things would be fun, but not all the time.

While his buddies are swimming, he'll be at the township run summer playground program with other kids or out of town. What's done is done. Let's hope I made the right decision. It's always so hard to know...


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