Mazel Tov

When I was 13 I knew two Jewish kids. Only two. Although I went to school with both of them since kindergarten, neither of them invited me to their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I felt like the only child on the planet (or at least my hometown) that wasn't invited. Recently I attended my HS reunion where pictures of the Bat Mitzvah were posted online, and found out that indeed most of the my grade school was invited to DR's Bat Mitzvah except me. Why would that still bother me after 25 years?

Saturday we were invited to an awesome Bar Mitzvah. I loved it - and so did the kids. Even my husband wore a yarmulke in temple and attended the entire party. N managed not to fidget too much during the nearly 2 hours service.

At least my kids can say they have attended one. The Bar Mitzvah boy has a sister who will be a Bat in about 18 months. I'm already looking forward to my next opportunity to take part in a HORA! Let's hope C & E are still friends - they've been inseparable since kindergarten, so I'm hoping....

It's good to see my kids have better social skills than I did at their age.


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