Love being in New York...

I don't love to shop when I don't have any money (today is one such day) but I love being in new York anyway.

I had a great day with my daughter and our friends. The best part of the day wasn't the lunch, the shopping, roaming streets of SoHo. It wasn't even seeing long lost friends (although that was really great!)

It was the car ride home when I got some one-on-one time with my daughter. We talked about whatever she was wanted. I was happy that there were no distractions, no rush, no stress (well, traffic) and it was just us two. 7th heaven.

and, I was proud - I drove in and out of the city with no crashes, and no nervous breakdowns. I drove almost without using the GPS.. even choosing my own directions over the map's. This is a big deal for me: I am usually terrified of driving in NYC. One small Broom broom for womankind! One big step for me!!!

Excuse ypos - I am writin this without my glasses.......


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