Hard work pays off

C got the letter yesterday - she made the e-math program. She didn't quite make e-language arts, but she is thrilled about getting into math. As she reads and writes for her own pleasure, I'm not too stressed about it.

Maybe it's a Pyrrhic victory: lately I have heard that since BRRSD BOE has voted to change the regular math program, but not the e-curriculum, it would be better to stay in the regular program. But, we'll take our chances for now. After working so hard to get accepted, it would be silly not to take this opportunity.

Apparently e-math also comes with piles of homework. C says she's ready. She may have to sacrifice some of the time she spends at extra curricular activities. She's dropping the violin, and starting cheer leading. I would hardly say she's gaining much free time. The fall will be a challenge.

At least C feels vindicated. Her work has catapulted her toward her goal. We're all very proud of her.


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