Difficult day

Last night N had a mini-trauma. It was hard to watch my son in a (figurative) train-wreck before my eyes.

He didn't want to go to school today, fearing the fall-out from yesterday. I can't say I blamed him. If it had been me, I would have wanted to crawl under the covers for a few days myself. I even thought "if I call him in sick, can I still take him to a movie"?

Wiser minds prevailed, and off N went to school this morning. I checked on him after the PTO meeting. He was FINE. Gotta love Miss Teacher. Most teachers would have told this hovering parent to take a hike! She understood my position completely.

At the end of the day N got off the bus and could report that the worst fears were not realized. Kids certainly can be cruel, but at least today they weren't.

He says he doesn't want to go tomorrow.

This time I can say, "I think it'll be fine," and this time I'm not lying. He learned a valuable lesson: face your fears. Things are often worse in your imagination. Maybe I can learn this from my son's example sometime.


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