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It seems that someone saw the light, and the BOE is revamping the K-4 Language Arts in BRRSD. It's a bit too late for my kids (N will be a 4th grader in the fall, and while it is apparently financially budgeted for this year, I doubt they can implement both a new LAL and math program in the same summer). In another wouldashouldacoulda moment, I realized I missed a very important BOE meeting on Tuesday. The following was e-mailed from the district yesterday. Click to download the following file: K-4 Language Arts Adoption

I have read it, but not digested the information. Will speak with people more knowledgeable than myself and report back if I hear anything newsworthy.

Re: Murphy's Law
It's alive and well in our household. I came home yesterday afternoon to a beeping dishwasher and water all over the floor. Our decision: buy a new one ASAP. Home Depot - nothing we liked. Same at BestBuy. So off to PC Richards... on the way between BestBuy and PC Richards - at that tricky ramp onto 202/206, where it merges with 22... the power steering died. T nearly wasn't able to make the turn onto the ramp to the Somerville Circle. After a few phone calls, some relatively short waits and a few signatures we were on our way with a loaner car and his car was being towed to the dealership. My question: what are the statistical chances that the dishwasher and car both break on the same day. The dishwasher is only 4 years old, the car only 2 1/2. Click-click-click - a new one was ordered online. Hopefully here in a few days.

Re: The Soundtrack of My Youth
I've never been one of the biggest MJ fans, especially after the molestation charges. But when I was 13 he was the coolest thing in the world.

And I have to admit, I believe he was guilty and got off.I am amazed how people have forgotten how "DUH!" people felt about the charges at the time. I also remember how I felt about it: where were the parents who let their kids sleep alone at Neverland??? There was plenty of responsibility to go around.

My Aunt wrote on Facebook "I am saddened about the death of Farrah..and so sad about Michael...I know what loneliness looks like, I know he suffered with loneliness for a long, long time. His family must be suffering the loss in addition to not knowing how this happened, and having to wait for the autopsy report and listen to all the speculation...they have such a long ordeal to get through. My prayers are with them"

OK... must do dishes. And then I am buying more paper plates until we get the dishwasher back!!!


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