Careful what you wish for...

Today I remembered sitting in my Dad's Pontiac Parisienne waiting for him to finish at the gym. I sat in the red plush interior dreaming about the day I would be free to drive where ever I wanted. I also remember wondering if I'd ever be alone in a car with a boy... I yearned to drive and to be alone with a boy (not necessarily in that order).

I had to laugh today thinking how funny it sounded to dream about being able to drive.

Nowadays it seems that from morning to night I spend my time driving people places. My kids to school. My dad to Wegmans. My fat butt to the gym (it's getting to be big enough to count as a separate passenger). Pick up the kids from school. Pick up their friends and drive everyone plus the kitchen sink to soccer practice. Tonight was a triple header - first TKD, then soccer, then Wegmans, then home.

I wish I could reach back into my youthful self to find again that yearning to drive.

These days being alone in the car with my boyfriend (ie my husband) usually means something as romantic as a trip to somewhere like Home Depot.

Not the romantic drive I envisioned in my youth. God is certainly laughing at me, saying "You wanna drive - don't worry, you'll drive! And Drive, And Drive AND DRIVE SOME MORE!"

I still yearn for the freedom to drive where ever I want.....


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