It's Mothers' Day and I spent the morning cutting lilacs from the beautiful ring of bushes that makes a u-shape around their property. They have grown from the size of bushes to trees taller than the my parents' white ranch house. When we opened all the windows you could smell their beautiful scent in every room. Mom grew them in 3 colors. Very light purple, a darker purple and the color of light red wine. The leaves are bight green and everywhere, providing my dad privacy. I've been thinking all day how she would have loved to see the fruits of her labors in these gorgeous bushes.

We brought some to her grave and to Nonny, too. I remember Mom bringing her Dad (then later her Mom) flowers when she was healthy as those lilacs. We didn't have time to take care of the weeds around the gravestones, which she would have liked, but maybe I'll get to it next time I'm home.

I brought a huge bunch home. They didn't like the car ride and look unhappy and wilted, but I didn't have the heart to throw them.

But who cares!

Mother's Day is a totally different world now that I have kids of my own. I am so indescribably fortunate. My children are wonderful people and it was a lovely day. Along with their beautiful hand-made gifts, they got me what I asked for (probably with T's help). Wii Fit! We spent a long time doing it together. It was great!

Have a wonderful day, dear readers. Who ever you are, where ever you are, enjoy the smell of lilacs and think of your Mom.


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