Teacher Appreciation Week

I know I promised a blog about soccer... you're not getting one today either... I disappoint my kids with this kind of stuff every day, so why shouldn't my readers get a taste of it too from time to time.

Today's topic is teacher appreciation. We did a lot of fun things for Miss Teacher this week - collected toys for her new dog, kids brought in letters and flowers... and today there was a class party where we did the same thing to her that she does for the kids when they are student of the week. Ending with everyone giving her a compliment. The game I planned backfired, but that just shows I know nothing about elementary school kids.

I wanted to do something a bit more meaningful than the usual gifties. So I wrote a letter of recommendation to the Superintendent praising all she has done for N this year. It might not help her much career-wise, but now I formally have told her employers what I think... and for once they received a kudos letter from a parent and not someone bitching and moaning.

It felt really good to write and send. Even though teacher appreciation week is just a week, I've appreciated her since she pulled me aside and said "there's an issue with N and we need to do something".


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