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It's a busy day in Lake Woebegone.

Grandpa is going home this weekend. He has been a huge help although today the dog pooped where he shouldn't have upstairs and Dad stepped in it and tracked it across the house. In my ever-present mindset of "not letting things bother me" I did my best to breathe deeply (well, figuratively at least) and count to ten before I sent him out for his walk (Grandpa's walk - the dog was sent to his cage) so I could clean up the mess.

T is ready to give the dog to Grandpa as a parting gift... don't think the kids will let him, though.

After washing the floors twice, I have taken it easy this afternoon. T has been to the doctor and has scheduled some procedures to check out something. I am so relieved that he is finally taking this step. Seconding guessing what it could be can be very tiring and for years my regular requests that he get it looked at have gone unheeded.

N had the NJASK this week. He couldn't sleep Sunday night, but he hasn't seemed stressed since. Tomorrow is math and he is pretty confident. As a "prize" for having NJ ASK let him blow off martial arts practice for a playdate with T. They are role playing Naruto as I write this and I am enjoying the happy sounds from above.

Did I mention Diego got into my yarn??? A certain red Christmas cap I was knitting for a newborn baby six months ago...

So tonight I promised myself a treat - starting a new knitting project. C's teacher from last year was supposed to get said hat, but I never finished it, so I will try a bib. I have never made one before. Hope it knits up quickly. I will make it red cotton - she can throw it in the wash over and over again with some fun detail like a heart or something. I don't think she knows about the blog... and since I am blogging about it, my readers can follow up and make sure I finish it soon!

Since yesterday I have found several new friends on Facebook. Someone who I don't know very well, but who I like so far in Hillsborough. My colleague that I spoke about yesterday and two Brazilian friends (one now lives in California, the other in Sweden) who taught me this sentence more than twenty years ago:

un beijo bem grande de una americanina. ...

a very big kiss from a little American.... (I was little back then)


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