Sunday reading/listening

While we head to an away game more than an hour from here (remember - Bridgewater United Con- away games means AWAY), north of Wayne, I have something for you to ponder.

Undercover at an Evangelical University
was on NPR last night. I am wondering what the parents did right to have this college junior be independent enough to come up with and follow through with such a project.

Researching and writing a book in your Junior year of college is an amazing feat. I couldn't imagine coming up with or doing this project, especially when I was his age. It took a lot of advance planning, getting a book deal, applying and being accepted to the university and taking leave from Brown. A Junior Year "Abroad" indeed. It probably felt more foreign sometimes than the country I spent my junior year in where the language was unfamiliar, not to mention those strange odie-boodie dialects. Still, in many ways culturally it was much the same. I remember how much planning that year took (applications, travel plans, visas, requests for leave from my home institution, and the fight to get my home school to accept the year's credit so I could graduate on time)... why didn't I think to get a book deal out of the year?

On the other hand - tricking everyone around you in the name of critically looking at a religious society could seem a pretty "jaded" and underhanded thing to do.

Of course, as any self-respecting freelance journalist, he has a website and a blog. You can learn more by reading it here.

You can be the final judge of his parents' methods and of the final product.

Off to soccer. Several players are injured, so C will have to produce the goods like never before if she wants to score.


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