Irish eyes smiling on us

Today I attended a funeral for my parents' friend. Dr. N was a great man and I feel for this family who has lost someone very special.

The memorial service was absolutely beautiful.

Although Dr. N was an accomplished physician - and did some cool things, like was the physician for a LPGA golf tournament and for the Watkins Glen Raceway with it's world-class racing, the eulogy given by his dear friend talked mostly about his capacity for love. He talked about how Dr. N was one of the only grown men he could say "I love you" to, as most men don't say that to one another. With him it felt natural.

Dr. N loved barbershop quartets. Some of the members of his group sang an Irish prayer. It was incredibly touching. He was also a lieutenant, so there were military honors as well. He loved fly fishing - and the minister noted "Jesus hung out with a lot of fishermen". The service covered many aspects of his life but actually very little on his medical career.

Lately I have been wondering what my place on this Earth should be, could be, is. Should I have been a doctor?

I don't think Dr. N worried about having a lofty career. He simply lived the best life he could and loved people for who they were. Yes - there were some complications, he married three times - but when at your funeral the theme is what a loving person you were and not the things you accomplished, then you lived a good life!

Rest in peace, Dr. N. If heaven exists, I hope you're hanging with my Mom!


soberkim said…
Dearest Liz,
This is a wonderful tribute to my Dad. We are all very fortunate to have had him in our lives. To me he was bigger than life. Thank you for your kind words.

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