Head spinning...

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How can you tell me, you're lonely, and say for that the sun don't shine?
Let me take you by the hand and take you through the streets of London,
I'll show something to make you change your mind

My head is spinning. We just got an e-mail with the option for a tournament this weekend. Between now and the last day of school there is something extra on the calendar every day but 2 days! One some of those days there are extra tid-bits just to throw a wrench into the pot like "T in London".

"T in London" is a bummer for me. I am pretty well traveled - been in most of Western Europe, and about 40 US states and 2 Canadian provinces, plus Japan, but I have never been to London and I've always wanted to go. My Dad was raised there and I've heard how wonderful it is for my whole life. This was my chance! It would have meant outsourcing everything kid-related for 3 days, and I was tempted to do that, but in the end I decided against it.

If our kids (well, one of them at least) weren't so over-committed, 3 days in London would have been a breeze to pull off. When did my daughter's soccer practice take precedence over a chance to roam Notting Hill (where I could dream about running into Hugh Grant in a travel bookstore, while my husband attended meetings)? A girl scout leader meeting more important than seeing my friend ADA?

The old me would have booked the tickets before even checking the calendar! The new me - chose to be home and cart the kids around to their activities, chaperone a school trip and walk the dog. What the hell is wrong with me???!!!!

Where did *I* go? Will I ever find myself again? Why can't I just let the kids blow these things off and head off to the UK? It's only for 3 nights!

The old me heard this song for the first time in Europe in the mid-1980s when travel was the goal. Anywhere was better than home and I spent entire summers living out of my backpack. My life is completely different from what I thought it would be when I was that girl.

I don't regret having kids, or living this life but I wish I had chosen to go to London. And I am really mad at myself for my lost perspective.


It's the new me. That responsible Mom-me. The one with a calendar chock-full of practices, appointments, games, pay dates and class trips. Too busy for a few days away...

All I can say is, "YAWN!"


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