Soccer Wars - Episode IV a New Hope

A Long Time Ago

On a Soccer Field

Far, Far Away...

Ever feel like you are in Star Wars - the original movie? What I mean is, you think it is the beginning of this new story, only to learn that the saga started long before?

That's what I felt like today - thrown in the midst of a war that has long been raging while I have been living in another galaxy (or the soccer equivalent thereof).

This week our team was thrown into the mix. It felt like when I watched the newest Star Wars movies (Episodes 1-3, with Natalie Portman as Carrie Fisher's mother). Beyond the very obvious Yoda and his crew, I never could tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. Today I can't really tell now whose side to believe either.

And as with a good Star Wars plot, someone had warned me of eminent attack, but I didn't believe.

Just when I thought Soccer Wars couldn't get much worse... another surprise was thrown into the mix, and I said some very inappropriate things within the earshot of innocents. Not only are imperial storm troopers seizing our rebel base, but a bounty hunter wants to take over as head of the rebel alliance!

OK - enough with the confusing Star Wars analogy!

While I spent most of the evening freaking with mixed feelings of anger, fear and irony, my daughter and her friends were trying out for another year on Bridgewater United.

When we arrived home I could see it. Genuine happiness and pride. My daughter beamed, "I DID AWESOME!"

And in my hot shower I realized I didn't care about warring faction or hostile takeovers.

I just care about my kid, her friends and their happiness. If that is the goal, then the evening was a true success.

Remember, my adversaries, the words of Yoda, "War does not make one great!"


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