Banging my head against the wall

"Thank you for this very interesting conversation," the head of the math program told me after 40 minutes on the phone.

I hung up, feeling like shit!

I got the final, formal "no" from the person where the buck stops regarding getting C into e-math. It's not happening. Her scores, so Ms. Administrator tells me, are simply not high enough. But, I counter, she cries because she is bored in class - indeed the teacher told me on back-to-school night that she is reading books in math class. What do I do? Ms. Admin. tells me the mantra: targeted enrichment, differentiated teaching, blah blah blah. But no e-math. Last year's teacher recommended her highly for the program. Why can't the district put her in and see how she will do? Ms. Admin herself said that it isn't a cost issue as there are no higher costs associated with the e-program (classroom teachers teach it as part of their regular teaching load). SEM, the extra enrichment is one period per 6 day cycle, and there is only 1 SEM teacher for the 800+ children in the school, so I don't see much opportunity for enrichment!

The LAL supervisor left me a bit more optimistic. She claimed that she will revisit C's scores, speak to her teacher and even take another writing sample. E-lang arts would be great since C actually loves both reading and writing. While she likes math, love is a bit of a stretch.

I have been comparing notes with a friend who also has a daughter who is in the 'shouldda made e-math' boat. Ms. Administrator has twisted the same argument to keep both C and N out. To me she said teacher recommendations don't matter enough to let her in. For N, a slightly weak recommendation was enough to keep her out. I.e. N is being discriminated against for not speaking up in class.

M (N's Mom) and I are both frustrated and angry.

Isn't it both our right and our duty to advocate for our very bright daughters? I believe we are setting positive examples for them, and for our sons - standing up for them is an act of love and support.

The district's elitism and stonewalling is further proof that it doesn't care about the needs of its constituents. In the end, a parent a child's abilities best.

If this happens next year we might be calling our old pal, Tom.

Tom is a Coldwell Banker agent. We moved to Bridgewater specifically for the schools. We have no family in NJ, so we came here based on the reputation of the schools. If they can't service our needs, then we will have to look into other alternatives. Maybe someone else is crazy enough to pay these taxes without worrying what their kids are or aren't learning. We aren't. Tom - I've still got you programmed into my cell phone, if C doesn't make e next year, expect a call around July 1st.


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