The next step

Decisions big and small are always difficult for me. Some are easy, but I still second-guess myself. My friend called yesterday and invited us to the beach for the day on Sunday. I said no because of C's soccer game, but, of course I'd rather go to the beach!

I don't where to begin with the kids.

I got the 411 on procedure for N from the school nurse It isn't quick and he will come after more serious issues. So what about the mean time? Tutoring? A neurologist?

With C... we are beginning to think that this is a good learning tool for her. She always has succeeded in everything and has always gotten exactly what she wanted. While it clearly not good that she isn't in e, it will also teach her something too.

But I still fear not getting into e may preclude her from academic success later. So I should break down doors until someone moves her. Why do they have to be so stingy in this district with time and services?

I took a 3-day hiatus from the media - no newspapers, TV news and no NPR! I put on classical music in the car. What did I find this morning?

The sky is still falling and we are still on the brink of economic collapse. Barack hasn't broken through and Sarah is still in the news. But we are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend! I'll take that and after more coffee and a brownie for breakfast the weekend will have a good start!


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