Instead of cleaning...

...I have been reading and drinking coffee with MR (thanks babe!).

I enjoyed Richard Cohen's op ed about McCain's ugly tone in the Washington Post.

I had a little geography lesson (asking if can you see Russia from Alaska) courtesy of Since I grew up in a state that you can see Canada from, it's good to know I'm an expert. Also, I've actually been to Russia (when it was still the USSR), and some 15 other countries - so I am (as far as the Republicans are concerned) a foreign policy expert! Do I get to count countries I have flown over, since technically I have "seen them"???

I listened to NPR about upcoming energy bills. Since we live in a state with a huge coastline (possibly my favorite part of New Jersey), they better not drill here! Is Speaker Pelosi losing her mind???

And just for kicks and giggles, I replayed Mr. Damon's interview...

Finally, I have plans to reread more of Macchiavelli's "The Prince". I read it in college in two classes, and recently discovered I have 3 copies on my bookshelf - one belongs to my friend Jamila - sorry Jem, lemme know if I should send it to ya! Rereading it will give me some insight into election politics. The Italians are experts and corruption and politics and have been for centuries. Maybe I can advise the Ds, and not get so worked up about the Rs' recent lies?

Before I can treat myself to Il Principe, I have to do more cleaning so my household Principe can be surprised.

PS - I have one more to add. Was reading the Huffington Post and had to see SNL's Clinton/Palin press conference.


Anonymous said…
Heck, yeah, I want my copy of The Prince back!

The best option would be for me to come pick it up when I visit, which I've been threatening to do for years.


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