Deep breath!

Over lunch I read about Everyday Math being reviewed in the Courier News. It's about time!

This started a discussion between four Moms at N's friend's party. While we talked some math, language arts became the hot topic.

Parent A has a kid who is dyslexic but she needed a lawyer to get reading help for her child.

Parent B (hostess) has been asking for answers about our apparent lack of a coherent spelling/word study program at board meetings for years. She asked the board where has the program Bridgewater uses been tested before and was met with blank stares. She went back a month later, repeating the question still with no answers. I think it is a valid question. Perhaps I will ask it sometime too! I think she called BW a guinea pig. Is it?

Parent C wants to know why the school district has no problem to call her for permission to test her older A-student daughter for the e-program, while she can't get her younger son tested for dyslexia for love nor money. I believe she got two numbers: my friend Anne's (who tutors dyslexic kids) and the aforementioned lawyer.

Parent D (Poppet) was complaining about her usual BRRSD issues.

I would have complained even more but my stomach is bothering me. Not sure if it is acido from the school system or the spicy Asian food I tried last night. So ladies, if you are reading this, forgive my abrupt departure.

How come whenever I meet parents here in Bridgewater they always have concrete issues with our school district?


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