Judging Poppet

It's both transitive and intransitive: judging. Today a discussion of the verb "judge".

It's always the same expression in some concerned mother's eyes, "You let her walk to school?" Usually behind them is the thought that she is a superior mother because she would drive her kid. But is she really? Isn't 20 minutes of independent walking in our own neighborhood a minimum expectation of a 10 year old?

But then I caught myself doing the same thing. Judging others! I do it several times a day - and when having coffee, I do can do it 50 times per latte. (You can find examples in this blog - did you see my judgment of Michelle Obama's choice of outfit?). I also judge a lot of mother's in my son's grade for being overprotective and self-righteous.

Stay and home and outside working moms judge each other all the time! I judge them both, since I have been both, and have been judged too. My house should be much cleaner since I am a stay-at-home Mom. There, I judge myself!

So now I wonder, with a side of judgment, do BRRSD teachers know the difference between an transitive and intransitive verb? Probably not as important in elementary school, but a must by middle school. ML - I hear you: I expect my kids to know what a predicate is by high school!


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