Time management

Started the new job on Monday and I LOVE IT! I love what I am doing (right now, mostly attending meetings and learning) and my new colleagues are great so far.

But I forgot how much time it takes to work. I come home mere moments before the school bus drops N off and zip into the whirlwind of my main job - Momming. Haven't been to taekwondo this week. The first two days everyone had to buy lunch because I hadn't been to the store. And exercising? Forget it! No time! I have a plan to make dinner in the crock pot before I leave for work - and keep forgetting to do that too!

Yesterday I actually forgot to pee. I realized it while fighting traffic to get home! (I am not one for bathroom humor, but forgive this one mention!) No matter how busy I ever got at home, I never forgot to eat and pee. (Monday I didn't eat until nearly one because everyone forgot to take lunch).

I also forgot the Board of Ed meeting last night - which had been in my calendar for more than a month.

Don't worry - I have tons of BRRSD stuff to think about, but until I relearn how to remember multitask, I might not blog daily.


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