Christmas is coming, the goose (the lamb?) is getting fat!

This is the year I started making Christmas dinner on September 20th!

My husband is from a place where salted lamb is their traditional Christmas dinner, and since we haven't been able to buy the right cut of cured meat either online or at the closest market in Brooklyn, we are trying to salt the lamb shoulder ourselves this year. We went to Hind & Fore in Bridgewater where they could tell the right cut of meat from our picture. We'll have to report back when we make a test dinner in November.

It's 70F and I am cooking for Christmas!

I like to knit Christmas presents. Last year was a big scarf year. This year three babies are on their way this fall - one friend is having her 5th and 6th children (and her 2nd set of twins!!). So I cast on 121 stitches in blue cotton last night. When it's done, I'll cast on 121 more stitches in a slightly different color. Then C's former teacher is having a baby - since we don't know the gender - it'll be 121 yellow stitches. If there is time I will also knit some Christmas gifts, maybe with my new-found plan-ahead strategy I might pull it off.

This is what the hats will look like?

It's a beautiful Sunday! Tomorrow I start my new job. I can't wait! Maybe its a good thing that I got a head start on the holidays. With even more to juggle, I'll have to get used to planning ahead. OK, turn off the computer and get out in the sun!


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