I need to decide today about C - am I going to make one final e-math push or let it lie?

I need to decide today if I want to go back to work full time or part time.

I have lots of errands to run and I promised to help at the school.

I want to scream out about Sarah Palin! Who knew being a PTO president is part of a qualification to be president!!!

But my mind is elsewhere.

It is in Siena, Italy. Normally its not a bad place to be - but today I am thinking about my niece. She is only 18 and will have to sign the papers to sell her inheritance after a family dispute. It's heartbreaking that the first time she sees "her beautiful house" (she is the only child of either party and would have inherited it) in 16 years she has to sign its sales papers!

As usual my family is complicated. Someone is hurting unnecessarily and there is no solution.

This was actually the impetus that made me want to go back to work. If I had been working the last four years I'd be in Siena buying half of this beautiful house (not the one in the picture). So something in my life has changed because of this situation.

My Mom is crying from heaven. This is not what she wanted, I'm sure! But it is on a long list of things that would have upset her terribly after her death. I am not sure about life after death, but I find myself asking her for strength when I need it. So now I call on her to give M courage. She needs it today!


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