I hate being right!

I am the pushy Mom! I volunteer a lot in the school, but I know that I get to see my kids during the day and get to know their teachers pretty well too.

Tonight it was back to school night. Even though I know it is a general overview, I waited until the end to steal time with my kid's teacher about something that I should have made an appointment for, knowing that she knew me and "it would be OK".

But the pushiness, the angst, the "budging in line" were worth it. N's teacher said he definitely has an issue. He cannot spell. Even simple words that he should have definitely could have spelled in 1st grade.

It's a two-way thing: I am grateful that it isn't all in my head. And I am heartbroken that there is an undiagnosed issue. I angst over the question of "what do we do now?"

After a lot of wine, the angst is subsided. I can go to sleep knowing that I will figure it out tomorrow - and in the weeks and months to come.

I was right. As my mother liked to say, it's "a Pyrrhic victory".


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