Lipstick or Berkenstocks? Where in the spectrum do women like me fall?

I read an article in September 7th's New York Times that made me think about my own identity. It was a comparison of Soccer Moms and Hockey Moms and what their kids' sports may say about their likely voting patterns.

Where do we taekwondo Moms fit in? Yes, my kids both play soccer but our lives revolve around TKD. TKD has some poignant similarities to hockey: both sports are very expensive, both have chances for physical injury (and while fighting isn't formally part of hockey, kids spar each other in TKD) and neither are particularly popular sports.

I spend between 3 and 10 hours a week at the TKD school. Parents talk! They talk a lot about the school and their kids and the regular schools their kids attend. After spending many hours talking with other TKD parents, I can safely say that we don't always share political views.

One shouldn't make assumptions based on what sport a parent's kid plays! One dad recently wore a political t-shirt that I found directly offensive to a TKD activity. Another Mom drives a car with a "W" sticker. While one of the new Moms was sporting an Obama t-shirt and drives a minivan covered in left-leaning bumper stickers "Peace is courage" was one I noticed today.

To expose diversity of thought at tkd I could wear my favorite t-shirt to our next demonstration. It says:

"I think, therefore I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh"

So suffice to say a sport isn't the best indicator of a family's values! Political or otherwise.


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