Safer to walk?

Since I don't identify myself in this blog, at least not completely, I can say that my child walks to school every day. People have criticized me for it - even to my face - because it is unsafe.

Today, C took the bus and it would have been safer to walk!

She and her friend SJ did an after school cross country program together. I am happy that SJ motivated C to run! It's great exercise and a sport she can enjoy (as her grandfather does) until she is 83.

Since the kids stay late, the school district is generous enough to supply a late bus. As C's crossing guard had gone home, I had her take the bus 2 blocks to our cross street to avoid crossing a busy street at rush hour.

The bus driver didn't hear or didn't understand her and drove past our street. So C decided get off with SJ, about 1.5 miles from our home. But the bus driver, again, either didn't hear or chose not to let them off and kept going.

Finally the girls insisted on being let off. It was on a busy road at rush hour, alone and nearly 3 miles from our house.

Several parents have said I am indulgent to let my 10 year old have a cell phone. What does she need one for? They asked. I was so mad when my husband bought it. Pretty mad again when she got an upgrade. But today, it was worth its weight in gold. I got a phone call that C and SJ were stranded on the corner of "2.8 miles" and "no sidewalk" and I picked them up right away.

The moral of the story? It's safer to walk than take the bus in Bridgewater and sometimes a big indulgence is the right decision.

Later, I told her that I check her text messages and e-mail from time to time. A parent can never be too careful...


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