Heading advice??

"So what's next?" I ask myself in reference to my son N. Clearly there has to be a next step. Do I trust the school? Do I learn from my friends' experiences? How will I know what the right course of action is?

N's teacher said I should just practice the various word wall words from this year and last at home while she works with him at school. Mrs. N said that they would probably not prioritize N because his issues are relatively minor, but eventually Miss Teacher will bring this to the evaluation team. Before the school gives him other help, she (teacher) will have to try several things at home first.

My friends say that the school doesn't want to give him any extra service and that even if I try to have him tested outside of the district that they may not accept the results for an IEP (individual educational plan???) or that they even have an issue that they don't themselves get diagnosed. It's a catch-22, from what I understand, they don't want to test your kid, and if you do it privately, they don't want to accept it. One of my friends even took her son to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for two days of extensive testing and the school completely disavowed their report.

After Friday's talking with the district for C and trying to get her into e. I am ready to believe the worst without experiencing it myself.

That said - I love and trust Miss Teacher and Mrs. Nurse. I have known them both for several years and I genuinely believe that they only want the absolute best for N.

So I'll take a deep breath and spend time figuring this out for myself. I am not the best decision maker. I like to get input from others, but it sounds like this time I will have to do my own research and follow my own gut.

I just wish there were an easy how-to list that I could download somewhere!


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