Why I'm going back to work...

It's a foggy morning. There is a ton of laundry - both clean and dirty - upstairs. I have about 20 phone calls to make (2 lawn services, an insurance company, the rec department, Dr. appt scheduling, etc.). Homeland security misspelled C's name on her passport, so I have to download some form, find 2 pictures and then go to the post office to send them with certified mail.... and that is what I remember in the 3 minutes I have been writing this.

Are you thinking about your own list when you read this too?

Do we have enough to do? Yes. And if you are a person who knows me well, what I haven't included is the pink elephant in the room - my kitchen, the perpetual disaster area is in rare form with all the papers needing to be sorted: recycling/shredding/filing. Here is a shot of about 1 square foot of my kitchen table which is about 6 feet long.

So why would I want to work? I'm already overwhelmed.

Because I do! I can't wait for a different set of responsibilities to join the overflowing plate! New colleagues, new challenges. A new start.

Let's hope that I still have time for BOE meetings, involvement in the community and time for coffee with friends (since I don't see a shrink, this is a must!). It's work-life balance I seek. More work, while keeping "life" in check.


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