A little more upbeat?

Last week's blogs were a bit of a downer. Here is something more upbeat.

Top 10 things I like about my new job:

1) The hours. 9-3 Monday to Thursday.

2) My boss. She is similar to me: tons of stuff to juggle in her brain, but intelligent enough to keep it all up there. In her private time she is involved with preventing local poverty. Gotta respect that!

3) My colleague. Right now I only have one. She seems nice and competent. And while I can't say I have the relationships I had at my 2000-2003 jobs, I do have to remind myself that they took time to build. I remember my first conversation in February 2000 with TK who said my masters degree wasn't as good as his (we became very good friends later), but my relationship with Lilla (not her real name, so I can use it here) was so good that when she sent me a text message saying "I love you" my husband bellowed "WHO THE HELL IS LILLA???" :-)

4) A new cafeteria is opening this week. It's about priorities, mine's food!

5) Lots of different projects to work on.

6) I like the fact that working here is breaking down my own stereotypes!

7) My commute - in NJ a short commute is a rarity. Mine is 3 miles - and I pass both kids' schools on the way.

8) A clean slate. No one knows me yet, so they don't have biases formed yet.

9) Starting the day at Starbucks. It's pumpkin latte time!

10) I might have found the work-life balance holy grail!

Have a good Sunday. Anyone know where I can hear Joe Biden speak? Every time I hear the VP speak, the candidate gets in. Superstitious? Yes! But if it works...


Anonymous said…
Check out http://blog.penelopetrunk.com

She lists four keys to find a job that works:
A short, predictable commute
Workflow you can manage
Clear goals that are challenging
Two co-workers you're close friends with

Now you need to find one more co-worker to develop a friendship.


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